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You don’t need 4 trailers, you can build on the 1 you buy! 

Single Track Trailer $1754.00 

Double track trailer

$1754.00 + Build with E.T – EXTRA TRACK $286.00 + X.B – Accessory Cross Bars $156.00 

Quad Bike Trailer / Flat Top 

FMT (no track) $1487.00 (No Track – Build with X.B – Accessory Cross Bars 156.00 + FT – Flat top / bed  $358.00 PACKAGE DEAL: LIMITED TIME: ONLY $1700.00

Utility Trailer – 6 x 4 Box Top

FMT (no track) $1487.00 + Build with  X.B – Accessory Cross Bars $156.00 + FT Flat top / bed $358.00  + Box Sides $650.00 

PLEASE NOTE:The Folding Flat Top and Box Top (UTILITY) trailer is essentially the Folding Multi-use Trailer (FMT) with added accessories. These trailers are currently licensed as Vehicle Carriers. (FMT)The accessories, such as the Flat Top and Box Sides are added to this trailer. In order to comply with the rules and regulations, slight changes need to be made when the trailer is changed to a utility trailer. The lights need to be attached to the back of the box sides and the number plate must also be clearly visible. There are holes already drilled where the lights and the number plate must be attached.



See the Accessory Index below for the above accessory configurations!

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SWA – Spare Wheel Assembly $200.00

The SWA makes for an easy tyre change over on the side of the road. It consists of: Tyre, rim, bearings, mounting bracket and axel.

SWA Dimensions: Tyre – 39cm (L) 39cm (W) Mounting bracket 12cm (L) 10cm (W) 33cm (W) including mounting bracket.


TRB – Tyre Rim and Bearing set $104.00

The TRB set is available for tyre replacements.  Tyres only are not available. 8” tyre, 6ply, Rim and Bearing, including Hub Dust Cap.

Dimensions: 39cm (L) 39cm (W) 10.5cm (H)

E.T – Extra Track with bracket included $286.00

The Extra track converts a single track FMT into a double track FMT. The track is fitted to either a No track FMT or a single track FMT. When converting a single track FMT into a double track, the middle track is removed and then both tracks are fitted to either side of the cross bars, using 8 pins on one side of each track and 8 bolts on the other side of each track. (Please refer to the Operation Manual)

Extra Track Dimensions: When compact: 120cm (L), 19cm (W) with bolts.


X.B – Accessory Cross Bars $156.00

There are 4 cross bars in a set. The 4 bars are necessary to convert a single track FMT into a double track FMT and to install the flat bed utility trailer (box sides optional)

The 4 bars are inserted into the 4 sleeves connected to the mainframe of the trailer. The bars are secured with 8 bolts which then allows the flat bed and or extra tracks to be fitted.

Dimensions: 1.25m Long, 35mm. wide 35mm high Weight: 2.5kg EACH x 4 = 10kg for a set of 4


F.T – Flat Top (Flat Bed) $358.00

The flat top consists of 2 pieces of aluminium checker plates each measuring 1.8m long x 600mm wide which are placed on the 4 cross bars and fitted with 8 bolts and 8 pins.

Dimensions: 1.8m (L) 0.60m (W) 0.05m (H) (Each checker plate)

These are the dimensions of the flat bed when set up:

1.8m (L) 1.2m (W) 0.05m (H)



BTS – Box Top sides $650.00

The box sides are fitted to the flat bed via hinged pins, just like a conventional 6 x 4 box top trailer with removable sides.

Dimensions: Small sides: 1.17m (L) 0.30m (W) Long sides 1.8m (L) 0.30m (W)


HDC  Hub Dust Caps $1.99 each

Metal dust caps for wheel hub.