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 Single track - $1754.00 Double track - $2196.00 Flat Top - $2000.00 Box top - $2650.00 Folding Boat Trailer - $1820.00


 Spare Wheel Assembly - $200.00 Tyre rim and bearing - $104.00 Caravan Bracket (For Folding Boat Trailer) - $180.00 Extra track with bracket - $286.00 Accessory cross bars with clips - $156.00

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AUSTRALIAN FREIGHT: - The minimum freight cost to a CBD anywhere in Australia is $125.00, The freight costs depend on delivery location and number of items ordered. If you would like a quote please tick the button below and we will email a quote through to you.

If you are located in the US, please give us your location, suburb and postcode and we will get a freight cost for you.
Our trailers are shipped into LA and warehoused in LA. From there, they are sent by road freight to our customers.

 Please email an exact freight cost for my order.